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My name is Robert, I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. In the 1970’s my mother took a cooking class in Hawaii.

While there, she was given an amazing recipe from an old Hawaiian woman who said: “Take it back to the mainland and do what you want with it”. Palm Treats is pleased to bring the world… “Aloha Cakes”!

Our Specialty Flavors


The original flavor for Aloha Cakes. A tasty reminder of where it all began.


A classic combination. A tropical island favorite!


Short cake and cheesecake step aside there’s a new cake in town. Take your love of strawberries to a higher level with this Hawaiian masterpiece.


The beloved blueberry. So comforting, so powerful, sooooo good!


A tribute to the much-loved apple. This Hawaiian treat is an instant classic, comfort food 101.


For a little extra zing, raspberries pack a flavor punch that satisfies like no other.


When you think delicious tropical fruit mango definitely comes to mind. Sweet, succulent, satisfying!


A perfect match, try this well-known flavor duo that you’re sure to enjoy.

Client Testimonials

ALOHA CAKES… The new go-to-snack cake, low in sugar, unbelievably good!

This is the best thing I’ve ever had! What am I eating here? How did you do this?

Sarah- from Portsmouth, NH

I have to have your cake! No. You don’t understand, I have to have it!

Patty- from Dover, NH

Dude, this cake is amazing!…
WOW! this is good.

Chris M.- from Rochester, NH

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